On the way to the diagnosis

I have been meaning to write this for a while.
It seems like such a long story and I have told it so many times. It makes me sad to think how long she suffered before we got her diagnosis.

My DD#4 Miss F had an eventful entry into the world. The birth its self was fine but shortly after I had a massive haemorrhage. I went to theatre to stop the bleeding and we were just so thankful that we both ended up ok that we didn't take that much notice of her low birth weight.

At her 6 week Paed check up Miss F had gained weight so I was happy and didn't weigh her again until 12 weeks at the local child health clinic. Practically the same weight. That was not good. So off to the GP and check again. She recommended feeding a bit more often and come back next week.
Still the same. So off we went to the Paediatrician.