Why I blog?

I tried to start my blog in January 2009. I made it as far as one post. I started again on the 2nd of September 2010 the day I found out DD#4 F had Neonatal Diabetes.
So my reasons for my blog have changed from my first attempt in 2009.

My 5 reasons are:

1. Share our life - a few of my friends have blogs and I love to hear what they are doing and what they are thinking about. So I hope some of them might like to hear what my family and I are doing as well.
2. Educate about diabetes - one of my best friends from uni has diabetes so I thought I knew a bit. I have a science degree in biology. I think I did know everything I wanted to know about it. I just didn't know all I needed to know to keep my baby alive. Having a baby diagnosed put me on a steep learning curve.  I tried to find information on the web when she was first diagnosed about babies with diabetes. I didn't find the family stories that I wanted to hear. This is part of our story with diabetes.

3. Educate about Neonatal Diabetes - it is so rare and the change in treatment that some can undergo makes such a difference. I just want to find everyone who can benefit. Just this week I have contacted I person diagnosed at 6 months to ask if they have heard of it and advised them to look into it for themselves. I would love to become a Diabetes Educatorfor Monogentic forms of diabetes one day. Doctors need to know more about it as well.

4. Connect with others - I felt very lonely when F was diagnosed. I didn't know anyone in a similar situation. She was just under 9 months when diagnosed. When we got home from hospital I called JDRF and Diabetes Australia Queensland to try and find some support but it was hard to get someone who had even heard of a child under one year being diagnosed. Introducing solids while counting carbs isn't really what I would call fun. Finding the DOC has really helped. Hopefully my blog will help others even if it just that they can see that I have gone through soem of the same struggles.

5. Record things - I have never been one to write a diary but I liked the idea. So now I get to play around on the computer and have a record to look back on.