Saturday, December 25, 2010

Clinic visit

On the 20th F had a review appointment at the hospital. I was very happy to be able to tell the doctor how well things have been going since transferring to oral medication. She has been able to eat a lot more and has great BGL's. I don't have to restrict how much fruit she eats or "carb count" every bit. F is loving eat. Even refusing more pasta, which totally unheard of while on insulin.
Today we were able to give her all sorts of Christmas goodies and she loved it.
Our next appointment is at the end of January.

Merry Christmas!!

It's most probably a bit late in the day to wish everyone a Merry Christmas but I have finally had time to sit at the computer.
It has been a very full day of family meals and DD's unwrapping numerous gifts. It fun to see which presents make a real impact. It's sometimes the most simple (bubble mix) and I'm left wondering why we go to the effort of getting the some of the other bigger gifts.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A day full of ....

Today my mum came to visit and we spent the morning doing Christmas shopping. Then it was a quick lunch with the children in the food court and one more store. All the shopping meant that we had to go directly to F's appointment. Nana entertained the other DD's at the local library.

Good news.
The appointment for F was with the Physio and Speech & Language Pathologist at the Child Health Centre. They are happy with how her gross motor skills have come along since first seeing her at 7 months. She wouldn't take weight through her legs at all. She wouldn't bounce when held standing on my lap but now she is walking and crawling up stairs. Only slightly behind "normal".
I still have some things to do at home with her to help her wih her fine motor skills and to actually get her "talking". I think she will be fine. Now that her diabetes is diagnosed and better controlled on the oral drugs she is healthier and happier.

Bad behaviour.
Taking 4 children to a shopping centre for 4 hours lends itself to all sorts of opportun9ities for the DD to misbehave. I was reminded why I don't do it often. I was also remind why my kids are banned from standing on the edge of the trolley. A bad accident was very narrowly averted.
There were times when I was reminded that they can behave will but they were few.
It is times like these I question my parenting skill and just have to pray to strength.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bathroom nearly complete

Our bathroom saga is nearly over. Everything looks great and there is just a couples of things to finish off. DH needs to do some painting over the Christmas break.
It has been an expensive renovation. Paying twice is never a good idea but the bad job done before is now in the past.

Things going well

It is now 3 weeks since I went into hospital with DD#4. F's treatment is continuing to go well. Her blood glucose levels have been great. I no longer have to starve her to keep her levels in check. It been great to not have to worry if she grabs a piece of fruit herself.
I'm having to get used to not needing to have her BGL at 7 or more at bed time. It is not going to go down during the night like when she was treated with insulin.

When F was diagnosed I couldn't work out what good God could have in His plan for us with years of diabetes ahead. But we have had our own miracle in this new treatment and I am so thankful. I just want everyone who could benefit from this treatment to find out about it.
Even the support we have received from our church has really shown God's love for our family.