Monday, October 10, 2011

The highs and lows of Swimming, and Sick ,Sick Sick.

The weather is warming up here and DH took all the girls swimming yesterday. When I tested Miss F for dinner just an hour after they got back from the pool she was 3.2 (57.6). (Anything under 4 is a hypo or low.) She seemed fine but I gave her extra carbs with her dinner and her normal dose of medication. When I checked her before I went to bed her BGL was 5.2 (93.6). She had eaten afternoon tea before going to the pool. I know that many T1s have problems with swimming and lows. Has anybody had any experience with this and Neonatal Diabetes? Thankfully everyone had a great time swimming, so we will just have to learn how to manage swimming, medication, food and BGLs. Always learning.

Miss F is now 26mo and has been on Glibenclamide (Glyburide) for just over 10 months. Things have been going well for the most part. She has had some non-symptomatic lows when sick earlier this year but we have gave her some apple puree and her BGL has come up. When she was sick again recently I reduced her dose to half normal dose and didn’t have the same problem. I then gradually increased the dose as her BGL numbers increased. It was a vomiting bug duing the school holiday break and it is quite funny to watch a 2yo vomit, take 2 steps and vomit some more. But then I had to clean it all up. Not so funny.

The rest of the house also were to varying degrees and varying symptoms. We had to cancel three playdates and the children that were well at the time went a bit stir crazy being quarantined with the sick people.


hellyamber said...

am impressed at your DH for taking all the girls swimming at once, by himself! a certain husband of mine baulks at taking both the kids to the park by himself and there's only two of them and no water involved.

Jules said...

I'm sorry to hear about the sickness, and messing with poor miss f bgls. We've had a bunch of diff illnesses.... I blame the weather, hot cold hot cold.

Mel said...

I'm also impressed that he took all 4 girls swimming by himself. While we were on holiday, I took my 3 kids to the pool in the apartment complex with my Dad and that was still stressful. Joanna stepped off the edge of the shallow area and went sinking towards the bottom of the pool and the 'shallow' area was deep enough that if Naomi fell over she couldn't find her footing again. Would have been less stressful if the shallow area was a totally separate pool to the deep one (and a bit shallower).