Saturday, January 29, 2011

Turns out I wasn't as ready as I thought

I managed to get C & D off to school on the first day relatively well. Photos were taken. No tears were shed.
But the rest of the day wasn't so smooth. E wanted to buy ham after dropped off dad at the train station. I wasn't planning a shopping trip but off we went. That went fine. I just strapped them both in the tolley and they can't get into too much trouble. It actually was good to buy a few things to add to our flood-emptied fridge.
But the big problem came from my one planned activity to occupy E. I thought making cupcakes would be a hit. It turned out she was too busy with TV to help at any steps other than making the icing and getting them out of the oven. Making the icing went fine. But she touched the pan on the way out of the oven. Such a bad mum. I totally forgot that she hasn't had the don't touch drummed into her quite as much as the older girls who usually help. Ouch. So much crying. She eventually cried herself to sleep after demanding a bandaid and an icepack. I know either of those things would help a burn (both would make it worse probably) but she was inconsolable.
But the cupcakes were yummy.

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