Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not quite what I was expecting

After a busy end to last week I thought this week was going to be slower. The school fete went well. To me that means that most of the things I baked sold before lunch time. It makes me happy that the effort I putting into baking was appreciated. I had fun baking, decorating and packaging up, unfortunately I also had a really late night. As a consequence was so tired the next day I thought I might go to sleep standing up at one stage. I didn't manage to get any photos but they did look nice.

On Monday I only spent 1 hour at home from school drop off to school pick up time. I went from school to the hospital (didn't actually get the medicine) to home for 5 minutes (I didn't get the girls out of the car) to get lunch for Miss E for daycare. I then picked up a friends child to take them to daycare as well. I then went straight to a (rescheduled to an earlier time) physio appointment, taking literally a minute to drop Miss F at a friends house first. Back to friends to collect Miss F and a quick game of UNO before heading to the hospital again to actually get the medicine this time. Finding a car park at the hospital is hard if you don't want to pay a large amount of money for the privilege. I found a 2 hour on street meter and was glad.

Parking at the hospital is really that bad. It's just that I have to do it every week for Miss F's medication.

I then came home briefly for Miss to sleep and then it was back to school for pick up.

Then rest of the week has been a bit quieter. Plenty of washing and meals to be made but that's normal.  Today, I took Miss E & F to the library for story time. Miss F only bolted once. Thankfully Miss E noticed and averted any incident.

Tonight I am packing for Jelly Beans Camp. It is the diabetes camp that Miss F and I went to last year. It was great to meet other D parents and learn soem more about D. This year we are all going. Miss E has been telling people about it all week. The older girls are really excited so I had better get back to the packing so we can actually leave on time tomorrow.

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hellyamber said...

Have a great time at camp!