Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Fun - Family movie night

Tonight was a family movie night. After dinner I moved the couch into optimum TV watching position and put a Hi-5 DVD into the player. Not my choice but all 4 DD's were happy

The Hi-5 DVD was part of the haul of books and DVDs we brought home from the local libarary this afternoon. Not sure how far Hi-5 have made it overseas. Let me know if you have heard of them if you aren't in Australia.

We have lots of children's books at home, particularly picture books, but it is great to head to the library and temporarily added to our collection. There have been soem that ended up such favourites that I bought our own copy. One of these is Muddled Up Farm by Mike Dubbleton. Great rhymes, great pace, my DDs love it.

Have you borrowed anything from the library and then needed to buy your own copy?


Wendy said...

Know what we watched at our last movie night? Star Wars 2 :-)

Yes, I've bought things I borrowed from the library. Last one I recall was a book about Magazine Article Writing. Not as colourful as your Muddled-up Farm!

Mel said...

The last movie our kids watched was 'Prince of Egypt' the other afternoon (it's school holidays here).

We get Hi5 here, both on TV and can borrow DVDs from the library. Naomi really likes them (I remember when Ben was the same age, he really didn't like them - would whinge if I tried to put one on for him to watch), the other kids do too.

I don't think I've bought any books that we've borrowed from the library. But I have bought library books - at Hamilton libraries, when the books get too old/damaged to stay in circulation, they sell them to the public cheap (each library has a trolley of books/magazines/CDs for sale). They charge 20c for kids books and 50c for the adult novels. We've got a couple of 'Maisy' books like that.