Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun Friday - A great web find

I have just finished perusing a blog "liked" by a friend on Facebook.  Parenting. Illustrated with crappy pictures is so true and so funny. The pictures are crappy but they are real. She could be talking about my life. Do you have a favourite parenting blog? Is it funny or serious or both?

Parenting. Illustrated with crappy pictures made me truly laugh out loud not just LOL for the sake of it. I hope it can brighten your day too.


Narelle said...

Really funny! Thanks for the link!

Mel said...

I don't actually read any 'parenting' blogs. I read general blogs written by parents, so sometimes parenting posts do randomly appear (as they do on my own blog), but I don't read any solely dedicated to 'parenting'. I guess I like a more variety in the post topics of the blogs I read.

hellyamber said...

that blog is hilarious! So spot on, I loved the one about trying to keep the kids from getting sick at the doctor. Thanks for the link!