Thursday, July 14, 2011

National Diabetes Week 10-16 July

This week is  National Diabetes Week here in Australia.

A quote from the Diabetes Australia web page "Each year Diabetes Australia celebrates National Diabetes Week to raise awareness about diabetes in Australia. The campaign aims to educate Australia of the risk factors for type 2 diabetes and how type 2 can be prevented."

It makes me mad on behalf of people with Type 1 Diabetes that the focus is so fully on Type 2. Prevention is great but Type 1's need a cure and not more people telling them that they should have looked after themselves to avoid the disease and that they can't eat that.
Another focus of National Diabetes Week is Eye health and getting your eyes checked which is important for anyone with Diabetes. I can't argue with that. Diabetic Retinopathy is a real danger when living with D over time.

As a mum of a CWD who isn't Type 1 or 2 I get annoyed with the lack of information about Monogenic forms of Diabetes. I know it is rare but an accurate diagnosis has changed our life.
Most sources of information about Diabetes only include Type 1 & 2 and somtimes Gestational. Some forms of Monogenic Diabetes can be treated with oral drugs - glibenclamide (like our Miss F), some don't really any treatment and some still need insulin but knowing can help get better treatment and outcomes.

Rant over.

Any ideas on how to make a difference?

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Vicki said...

Have you tried approaching the diabetes council to raise awareness maybe in just a sector like doctors to start with? I guess on the limited resources they have, they can only focus on a few things, and the big ticket items like type 2 are the priority... But a smaller campaign may be feasible for them? Also, get everyone you know to donate so they have more funds?

Every year I donate because my parents are both T2D. And I get a nice little thank you letter about little Johnny who was born with D and how I've made a difference. That's not my primary reason for donating, but I figure if I keep donating, they'll eventually cure little Johnny and then move onto a cure for other types...

Just some thoughts...