Monday, March 21, 2011

Having fun

I really enjoyed seeing Wicked again. Such talented performers. Maybe I have enjoyed it so much because I hardly ever see musicals but I really think it is because it is a really good show. Going a third time might be over doing it.

I have just finished reading Emma a couple of days ago. I was rereading it for a book club that my community group is starting. I own the movie - Gwyneth Paltow version. I usually read books fairly quickly, so the 2 weeks it took me to get through Emma felt like a long time. I found it had going reading the early English and working out what was being said.  But I am looking forward to discussing it wiht the rest of the group although I don't think I'll be very literary in my contribution.

Also I'm looking forward to catching up with a friend tomorrow for morning tea. I could say we are going out for coffee but neither of us drink coffee but it should be good to catch up.

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