Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weekend Away

We finally got away for a weekend. You might have read here  about our planned camping trip, well it still didn't happen. The weather wasn't looking good for the past weekend so DH booked a cabin at Big4 North Star Holiday Resort.  It was great. The weather wasn't.

There is a kids club for 3-12 year olds. Our 3 older DD's had a good time playing on the indoor playground and doing the organised activities. DH and I got to have a bit of down time with only one active child to look after.

DH got in some fishing at Hastings Point. I think it was the real reason he wanted to go away for the weekend.

The Resort also has camp sites with ensuite bathrooms so it might be somewhere we head back to for actual camping in the future.

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Jules said...

welcome home. D can be hard on the family, everyone needs a little 'fishing' time every so often. you are such a good wife!