Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why I blog?

Christy from  My 2 Sweet Babies has invited me to share why I blog.  She was asked to do the same by someone else on the DOC (Diabetes Online Community).

I tried to start my blog in January 2009. I made it as far as one post. I started again on the September 2 2010 the day I found out DD#4 F had Neonatal Diabetes.

So my reasons for my blog have changed from my first attempt in 2009.
My 5 reasons are:
1. Share our life - a few of my friends have blogs and I love to hear what they are doing and what they are thinking about. So I hope some of them might like to hear what my family and I are doing as well.

2. Educate about diabetes  - one of my best friends from uni has diabetes so I thought I knew a bit. I have a science degree in biology. I think I did know everything I wanted to know about it. Having a baby diagnosed put me on a steep learning curve for everything I needed to know to keep my baby alive.
I tried to find information on the web when she was first diagnosed about babies with diabetes. I didn't find the families stories like I wanted to hear. This is part of our story with diabetes.

3. Educate about Neonatal Diabetes - it is so rare and the change in treatment that some can undergo makes such a difference. I just want to find everyone who can benefit. Just this week I have contacted I person diagnosed at 6 months to ask if they have heard of it and advised them to look into it for themselves. I would love to become a Diabetes Educatorfor Monogentic forms of diabetes one day. Doctors need to know more about it as well.

4. Connect with others - I felt very lonely when F was diagnosed. I didn't know anyone in a similar situation. She was just under 9 months when diagnosed. When we got home from hospital I called JDRF and Diabetes Australia Queensland to try and find some support but it was hard to get someone who had even heard of a child under one year being diagnosed. Introducing solids while counting carbs isn't really what I would call fun. Finding the DOC has really helped. Hopefully my blog will help others even if it just that they can see that I have gone through soem of the same struggles.

5. Record things - I have never been one to write a diary but I liked the idea. So now I get to play around on the computer and have a record to look back on.

If you would like to share why you blog please do. I don't like to tag.

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Christy said...


I remember trying the counting carbs with insulin when Andy started solid foods. It was, like you said, not my idea of fun. He was still nursing when he was diagnosed and the introduction of solid foods is what gave us the courage to push for a pump. I'm so glad we found a new treatment for our babies because I didn't have to go through that struggle with Katie at all. Hopefully more parents who have babies diagnosed with diabetes will find us and get tested just to be sure they are diagnosed correctly.

Thank you for participating.