Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First time for medication and not eating

Tonight DD#4 F went to sleep in her highchair before eating her dinner. For any of the other girls it would have been no big deal and putting them straight to bed. But with Miss F I had a dilemma because of her diabetes.
  1. Do we wake her up, test her BGL, give her medicine and feed her dinner?
  2. Do we test her BGL and put her to bed with no medicine and no food?
  3. Do we test her BGL, give her her medicine in her sleep and put her to bed with no food?
If she was still on insulin the only option would have been to wake her, test BGL, insulin, food and then bed. No real choice there. But she has been on glybenclamide (glyburide) for 4 months. This is the first time she is missing a meal.
We picked option #3. So I am about to do her late night BGL test to see how the experiment is going. Hopefully it is not too low so I don't need to wake her for some food. If it is OK we will see how it goes overnight.

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Christy said...

I feel you. In the beginning with Andy we still treated him almost as though he were still on insulin. With the exception of the last couple of months, we have never had a problem with giving him medicine even without eating. Now, for whatever reason, he seems to be more sensitive and if he doesn't eat, we just don't give him medicine. One thing we have all found out though is that when they do have lows, they almost never get so low that they go unconscious and need to go to the hospital. Even with the lows he's been experiencing lately, I can always get him to drink or eat something and haven't had to use the glucagon (although I admit I've taken it out of the cupboard a couple of times). It will be OK. I will say a prayer for you that her BG stays nice all night.