Friday, April 8, 2011

First Words

This makes me sad. DD#4 F has diabetes and that means testing her BGL at least 4 times every day. That makes me sad enough.
She is 20 months old and not really talking. She has a few words that she says sometimes. Mama, Dada, Nana (Banana, not her Nana) and Ella (a family friend). Last night she said "inger". Now the only reason I know it was susposed to mean something is that she had just crawled up into her highchair, put on the table and then stuck out her pointer finger and said "inger" because she knows she has to get tested before she gets her dinner.
Now I am making myself cry. I know we have it a lot better than others with diabetes because it is Neonatal diabetes rather than Type 1 and she has responded to oral medication and some mutations don't but I really didn't want one of my little girls first words to be about testing her BGL.
Another friend whose little boy has diabetes too posted about him being able to say "test" and now DD#4 is nearly able to do the same.


Christy said...

Katie doesn't say many words yet either. She says mama, dada, nana (for banana) and button button (for belly button). She does, however, stick up her foot for blood sugar testing (we still use toes mostly because her fingers are still so tiny).

It is sad that our kids learn about blood sugar testing so early on. But you are right, we do have it slightly easier than others. I try to remember that every time I complain about something diabetes related. (not that it makes it any easier, if you know what I mean)

Jules said...

Its sad.. i agree. But goes to show how clever they are and know the routines. I say to R 'time to test now.' He actually puts the strip in (with help) and holds up his foot, he knows we mostly do toes. Its cute and sad. Mostly sad.