Thursday, April 28, 2011

First diaversary - One year on from diagnosis

It is one year today since our family changed in an unexpected way. Last year DD#4 F was diagnosed with diabetes. After months of worrying, wondering and wandering (between doctors) we were given an answer to why our little one had "failed to thrive" as the doctors put it.

It turned out to not be a straight forward diagnosis of Type 1 but a very rare form of Monogenic diabetes. Neonatal Diabetes was her new diagnosis after genetic testing. Particularly as mutation of the Kir6.2 or KCNJ11 gene - R201H. We found out in September and I promptly started blogging away. Partly because I couldn't find much online about babies with diabetes when Miss F was initially diagnosed.

It's not a club I would haven't picked for Miss F (& our family) to join but I have met some some great people through this journey. I'm sure we will meet many more. The DOC (Diabetes Online Community) has been great ask questions and find out how others cope with different things. Those in real life have been equally important to us getting through this first year.

Thanks for you encouragement, support and prayers as we have made our way. I am thankful that God lightens the load as we share with others.


Christy said...

Happy (is it ok to say that??) 1 year anniversary! I know it's not that you're happy your DD has this disease, but happy that you made it one year. Happy that you have gotten the support you need. Happy that you found out the true type of diabetes she had. And happy that she is doing well. So indeed it is a happy occasion and here is to many more happy diaversaries! :)

Jules said...

happy diaversary to miss F :) I wouldnt want to be doing this without God either!!