Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Family Fun - Camping

Our family took the opportunity this past weekend to go camping at Lake Somerset. The Holiday park had a children's movie on Saturday and Sunday nights. This helped to occupy the evenings while we were there.

The children had a great time. There was mini golf (a free game per day) and a play ground. Great family fun. We made a quick drive to Kilcoy on Sunday for a few extra supplies and DD#4 had a nap in the car. No napping in the tents for our Miss F.

One extra challenge on camping with Miss F is her medication needs to be refrigerated. We decided to take her back-up tablets instead. This meant grinding up the tablets and slipping them into something tasty. She loves fruit puree so she didn't mind at all. But BGL testing and medication adds an extra things to do at each meal time and feeding four DD's while camping can be challenging enough. DD#3 was not so good at using her lamp as a table and wore a bit more of her food than usual.

Miss F's BGLs weren't as good as the usually are at home but I guess cutting up and then grinding them it as exact as using the solution at home.

Over all it was a good experience and we look forward to spring to head off camping again.


Mel said...

Great to hear of other families with fairly young children that are not afraid to go camping. We also have the same issues with the kids messy eating because of having to eat off their laps or off tables higher or lower than they are use to.

Wendy said...

Good for you! We're having fun planning some camping trips for our long summer holidays which are coming up very fast now.

Jules said...

sounds like alot of fun. so lucky that F likes her food (yes Ive seen it with my own eyes, wish Reuben would do the same!!) so the tablets arent an issue when you are out. the refrigerating the medicine had that been the only way she would take it would be a mighty pain/obstacle with camping.

Cath said...

Good on you, Mel. Sounds like a great spot for camping!