Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meeting Awesome people - Diabetes Blog Week


Today topic is to focus on the good things diabetes has brought us.  What awesome thing have you (or your child) done BECAUSE of diabetes? 

An awesome thing I have done because my child has diabetes is meet some great people (both in real life and online) whose lives have been touched by diabetes. People with diabetes, parents of children with diabetes, spouses of people with diabetes, doctors (yeah, I’m glad I have met a couple of them). I have met a whole bunch of great people that I would not have met otherwise.

My DD and I went to Camp Diabetes with some great educators, nurses, parents and children with diabetes 3 months after diagnosis. I learnt a lot and for the first time met others dealing with this thing- diabetes. I found it amazing how there is a bond with people you have just met because of the shared experience. We may not have had exactly the same things happen but we all know about the shock of diagnosis, the ups and downs of BGLs & the ups and downs of diabetes. We know the fear of hospitalisations, the fear of bad lows (is there a good kind?) and the dread of diabetes complications long term. Through our hospital I met Julie (her son is one month younger than my DD) check her blog over at Bittersweet - Our baby & Type 1 diabetes is has been great to chat to someone with a child of similar age. Not many children are still being breast feed when they are diagnosed. :)

Reading others blogs and participating on boards helps with tips, ideas and generally knowing you aren’t alone. I sit nodding in agreement, crying in the pain shared and strangely comforted by others need to vent.

I am usually shy about meeting new people but the desire to better help my daughter has meant that I have made contact with people on the other side of the world to help my daughter. Thanks to the Kovler Diabetes Center in Chicago, US and the in Exeter UK for their information and the support to make contact with other patients. I have called strangers whose children have the same rare Neonatal Diabetes, just to hear that they understand and have been there. I have met awesome people (Hey, Christy) who have inspired me to educate others about Neonatal Diabetes.

If I can get the word out that not everyone diagnosed as an infant has type 1 diabetes but they may have Neonatal diabetes and be able transfer off insulin and get better BGL control and long term health because of us. That would be awesome too.


Jules said...

I Definately think the diabetes community is better off with You in it. Im Glad i Met You and other lives wouldve be richer for knowing You whether in friend capacity or as a diabetes educator xx

Christy of My 2 Sweet Babies said...

Ditto to everything you have written. So nice to meet others out there, both alike and different. Such a great community of people out there.

Now, what am I going to write for my blog for this topic????