Thursday, May 5, 2011

The need for insulin.

Lately the have been lots of reasons that PWD (people with diabetes) need extra help. Flood, earthquakes and tornadoes have played havoc with peoples lives. Possessions have been taken away from them and their day to day life has been put on hold.
The thing is that PWD have special needs when it comes to food and their medication. They can't not eat and they can't miss their insulin.

When communications are down, power out and supplies low it make life for PWD. People with other disease have their own challenges as well but since DD#4 Miss F was diagnosed any natural disaster makes me think of those PWD that are in the midst of it all.

The most recent of these are the tornadoes in the US.  I just read this article Alabama PWDs Need Your Help over at Six until Me which outlines the needs of PWD and how other can help. Send supplies if you are able to the Huntsville JDRF office.

An organisation the helps out PWD that don't have access to diabetes supplies in normal circumstances as well as during disasters is Insulin for Life Australia and the Insulin for Life USA.

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