Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Snapshots - Diabetes Blog week


Our supplies while DD was on insulin

Insulin - Levermir, NovoRapid and Protophane
3 Insulin pens
box of Needles
Large sharps bin
Small sharps bin
Glucogon and Syringes
2 Optium Xceed meters
Glucose Strips for meter
Blood Ketone Strips for meter
Multiclix Lancer
Lancer drums
Diabete-Ezy Test-Wipes
Basket and bag to store it all in the pantry

Our supplies on glibenclamide (glyburide)

Glibenclamide drops (shelf life 7 days- stored in fridge)
Oral drops syringes
Optium Xceed Meter
Glucose Strips for meter
Multiclix Lancer
Lancer drums
Spare Glibenclamide tablets
3in1 tablet cutter/grinder/storer
Apple puree to mix in tablets.

The tablets are a back up. We had power blackouts for 4 days when Brisbane flooded January 2011.
We need to be prepared for that type of situation. 

Our back up supplies

Insulin - NovoRapid
1 Insulin pen
10 Needles
Small sharps bin
Glucogon and Syringes
Extra Optium Xceed meter
Blood Ketone Strips for meter
Basket to store it all in the pantry
We have these supplies just in case DD's BGL goes so out of range insulin or glucogon is necessary.  As time goes on and we are more confident on how she responds to different sicknesses we might not keep all these things but at the moment I like to be prepared.


Christy of My 2 Sweet Babies said...

Yeah, we kept all the stuff from syringes to insulin for years and I finally donated and/or got rid of a lot of it when we moved last year. Most of it was expired so we just disposed of anything not good after expiration. I donated a lot of supplies to a mom who lives in Ghana (where it is hard to get supplies) and she picked them up when she came home to the US last summer. Occasionally we will get some insulin and keep it for a while but we haven't given Andy a shot since December of 2007. Katie has never had insulin (knock on wood). We have to keep glucagon mainly for the purpose of keeping it at school for legal reasons. Otherwise I wouldn't bother because I've never used it on the glyburide and only once when he was on insulin.
BTW, have you tried using your solution after the 7 day period? My pharmacist told me mine should last about 3 weeks in the fridge but we often keep using it for 4-5 weeks without seeing any difference. We just can't afford to buy it that often since we have to pay out of pocket for it.

Karen G said...

Wow, these are powerful pictures. I agree, it's great to keep those supplies in the last picture on hand in case of emergencies. But I love the statement that as time goes by, you may not need to hang on to them. That brought such a happy feeling over me!!