Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Admiring our differences - Diabetes Blog Week

I am a mum of D child. But I feel different in the PWD blogging world. Yes, I mum of a CWD (child with diabetes) but it is rare form. When my baby was diagnosed I felt very alone.

So I started out by reading blogs of other D-mums (& moms). But I didn't find any one in the same situation. Reading blogs usually leads to reading more blogs so...That led me to blogs of PWD. I have learnt so much. What it feels like to have a hypo or when you are HI. I can’t know that because I’m not one of you in the D world for myself. I found out ideas for hypo treatments, recipe ideas & supplies to make D life easier and brighter. I admire those that are coping with D by themselves, those that are there for their children, those who there for their D spouse or partner. So I have been admiring the differences. Nearly everyone in the DOC is in a different situation to me.

I have since found others who like us are dealing with a rare form of Diabetes. There are only just over a dozen D patients being treated orally for Neonatal Diabetes in Australia. It can make you feel quite on your own when you know there isn’t anybody else in your state (Queensland is pretty big) with the same condition. But it is great knowing that there are others in the DOC which get it because their child has the same rare diabetes and even though they are in the US we are connected. We are both passionate about finding others who could benefit from this relatively new discovery. Our children were diagnosed young (very young) usually before 6 months of age, no autoimmune antibodies and low birth weight. They have a single DNA mutation which causes there body to not produce insulin.

I am still learning so much reading blogs and hopefully I can share a bit of our journey as well.

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