Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Diabetes Bloopers - Diabetes blog week


Today’s topic for Diabetes Blog Week is Diabetes bloopers. Things can and will go wrong and sometimes they are funny.

When packing for our 7 day summer holiday I carefully calculated how many strips we would need and then added a few more for good measure. I added extra cartridges for the Multiclix finger pricker and some blood ketone strips just in case. I packed DD’s medication separately as the solution needs to be kept cold. We packed the car and headed on our way. We stopped for lunch on the other side of town just so we could actually get going and start our holiday. When we stopped for lunch I discovered that I had left the carefully prepared testing supplies at home. I was able to use the spare test kit that I had remembered for lunch but is only had a few strips and I really don’t like using the spare Easy touch pricker.
There was no way DH was going to turn around and go home for the testing kit so it was off to the nearest chemist. I went inside and found that it wasn’t a NDSS (National Diabetes Services Scheme- Australia subsidy scheme for Diabetes) pharmacy which meant I would have to pay full price for the strips and new Multiclix.

That was an expensive oops.

I could also tell you about the time DH and I both thought that the other had given our DD her insulin at breakfast, so by lunch time her BGL was HI but hey things happen to the best of us.


Wendy said...

UGH! I *HATE* it when I forget stuff for a vacay!!!!!!

Glad you had fun anyway :)

Christy of My 2 Sweet Babies said...

Haha! We are on the same wavelength today. My story is very similar. Instead of forgetting the test strips, we forgot the pills!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Oh, yeah, been there, done that (on both accounts)! :)

Sara said...

I discovered on Christmas Day that I had forgotten to bring my insulin from my mother's house to my brother's. That was a fun mistake to resolve!

The DL said...

I have done this several times. It sucks having to pay full price UGH. Sometimes though insurance companies will cover it if you "break it" or are "going on vacation". Did you talk to them?