Thursday, April 14, 2011

The term is over.

We have successfully made it through Term 1 for 2011. It has been a very long term for our girls. I had a parent/teacher interview for DD#1  Miss C yesterday. It went pretty much as expected. She is doing fine. I wanted to know how to motivate her to do her reading so we discussed some possible strategies. She doesn't have a problem with her reading, she likes reading in class but she doesn't want to do her home reading.

As DD#2 Miss D is in Prep there is no interview until next term but I wanted to know how things were going as her kindy teacher was a bit worried about how she would settle this year. I tried to make a time with one of her teachers but our availability didn't match up. We ended up having a chat after school last week and covered most of what I wanted to know. The rest can wait until the week 5 interview next term.

Now to keep the girls occupied for the next week.

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