Thursday, April 7, 2011

Last night's experiment

Our little medicate or not medicate experiment with no dinner last night went well. I tested DD#4 F BGL at 11:17pm and it was 3.8 (69). That was boardline for my comfort levels so I set my alarm for 3am. When I tested her BGL again at 3am it was 6.6 (119) and then 5.4 (97) at breakfast time. Beautiful numbers really.

This experience adds to my knowledge of how Miss F responds to her medication. Hopefully this will help in the future as we get used to this new regimen.


Christy said...

Glad to hear everything went alright with little F. Hopefully that will be a good trend for you.

Mel said...

That's great. Hopefully you will be able to sleep easier next time she decides to be sleepy.