Friday, June 17, 2011

Bouncycle?? - Fun Friday

I saw this Bouncycle "bike" in a catalogue today. I'm not sure what to make of it. It does look like fun.

There are now trikes, balance bikes (no pedals), bouncycles, and normal bikes with training wheels that are all marketed at pretty much the same age group. Am I supposed to buy them all. Not likely. There might be something else that I have missed.

Will my girls suffer because they missed out the "gross motor development as well as balance and co-ordination skills"? Actually maybe I should get one. 

If you have one, no offence is intended but I just don't think we need another bike.


Mel said...

I don't think this bouncycle is actually going to develop gross motor skills, co-ordination and balance any more than on the other types of bikes/trikes that are out there. And bikes aren't the only way to develop those skills. There is a boy in Ben's class that is allowed to ride his bike out on the street for hours in summer, but still struggles with co-ordination and other motor skills.

I think it is just another marketing ploy to make time poor parents guilty that their children are at a disadvantage/missing out if they don't have one.

Jules said...

Omg haha like pilates and circus training combined! What do they cost? Agreed its preying on parental guilt.

Anonymous said...

My son was given one as a gift and I was disappointed to read the blurb "indoor fun" my lad is an outdoor boy and I live in a small house. How long is this contraption going to last being ridden on concrete and gravel because that is what is going to happen.