Saturday, June 25, 2011

Toy Sales - Fun Friday

I just love looking through the Toy Sale catalogues here. Myer, Big W and Kmart catalogues are all available now and Target is not far behind. My DDs don't need anything really but it is fun to look. And I do have some nieces and nephews to buy birthday and Christmas presents for sometime.

A friend has been posting about toys recently and has included some solutions to excess  and simple gift ideas. I love most of the ideas but I am still having heaps of fun looking through the catalogues and searching for ideal gifts.

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Mel said...

Thanks for the heads up about which catalogues are out. I usually look through them for presents for my niece and nephews in Oz, and if there is something not to big or heavy that I think would be good for the kids I get my parents to buy it and then pick it up when I go to visit in September. They kind of do toy sales here, but no where near as big or as many stores.