Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crossing ice skating off the list

Today I went to a local shopping centre with 5 children. Four of them were my DDs and one was my niece. I did have my mum with me (I'm not totally crazy). She brought my niece with her as she was baby sitting for the day.

Getting back to ice skating. The first day of the school holidays my DD#1 C put together two lists. One was "Things to do" and the other was "People to catch up with". As soon as she started listing things I knew that they were ambitious lists. She wanting to go iceskating. I said that that just wasn't going to happen. The seed of this idea was planted by my DH who took all 4 DDs to look at the iceskating in the CBD 2 weeks ago.

Skip to tonight and iceskating can be crossed off her list. It has been accomplished. I am surpirised that the opportunity presented itself but pleased that I could help a wish come true.

So the shopping centre had a small rink and 45min cost $10 or a certain spend at participating stores. So after my mum and I completed our shopping we could getting 3 free sessions and only had to pay for one. DD#4 F had to miss out as I thought she was way too young and I don't even think they would have let her one the ice. I wasn't going to go out there, so the girls were on there own. They only fell a few times and had a great time. A success.

DD#1 C also gets to cross off seeing cousins as well.

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