Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I should have checked

Remember that last week I posted here about feeling a bit paranoid about if DH had given F her medication. Well yesterday DH gave F her breakfast. After he left for work I wondered if he had given her the drops. I decided to trust him and not to check up with him as he assured me if he gives her breakfast he will give her the medication.

Fast forward to lunch time. I test her and get 12.6. Yikes. That is not good. I then called DH to check and short answer is "no". I try not to freak out but also emphasise importance of F getting all her doses.
Her reading a dinner was slightly high but within "normal" range. Not as bad as skipping an insulin dose. That resulted in a "HI" reading by lunch time. I think that means above 28.0. EEK!

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Jules said...

wow slightly high - but in normal range! lucky. much better than the bodies reaction to skipping insulin!