Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Totally Wicked in a brilliant kind of way

DH and I went to see Wicked last Thursday night. We had bought tickets for our anniversary, which was while the flood waters were going down. I kept checking the QPAC website anxiously after our power was restored to check the lastest show cancellations. But our night did not get cancelled. We got to see one of the first performances in  Brisbane. I think Cats in Adelaide last year (also for our anniversary) was one of the last shows.

Wicked was great. I have only been to a handful of musical productions but this may be the best I have seen. The Sound of Music was good but mainly because of the familiar songs and known story. Wicked entertained me with any such history. I sat there smiling for most of the show, I was just enjoying it so much.

It was back down to earth though when we got home. DD#3 E had been sick and continued to be sick into the night. I ended up sleeping part of the night on the floor in D & E's room to not miss any further messes.
DH, DD#4 F and I have all been sick in various forms since and I hope the other girls miss out.


Mel said...

oooh...you changed your blog template - looks nice and fresh.

It is very annoying when sickness goes round the family from one member to the next - it makes it drag on forever.

We also just had our wedding anniversary (yesterday). We managed to go out for dinner one night while my parent's were still here.

Melissa said...

Yeah I finally bothered to look at other templates. Now I just have to work on uploading some photos. I need to actually download from the camera first.:)