Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Need to check.

I have had to call my DH at work at least 3 times in the last week to check if he has given F her medication with breakfast. I am paranoid about her missing a dose and ended up with high BGLs.
The thing is I'm the one who has fogotten to give her the glybenclymide at least twice. I did give it to her later. And then moved the next dose back a bit. I think DH has only only missed it once.

I forgot to even pick it up last week. I have too many things that I try to remember rather than putting it on the calendar.

I must also remember that F's new medication isn't a licence to eat everything in sight. Her BGL before dinner last night was 11.2. She had eaten lots of lamington fingers after pulling the packet off the table. Her lunchtime dose obviously couldn't cover that amount of sugar.

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Mel said...

That's what I like about having my android phone (I got it for my birthday last year)...It's my one stop place for to-do lists, shopping list, calendar for appointments and things happening at school, and post-it-note style things like addresses of things I need to post or the cost of certain grocery items (so I can compare prices easily). And it goes with me everywhere (seeing as it is my phone as well), so if something unplanned happens I have it with me and can refer to it. And it solves the problem of writing notes on bits of paper and then losing the bits of paper!