Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome to Holland

Late last year I took DD#3 to a birthday party at a play centre. While I was there I got chatting to a father of a boy with Down Syndrome. I asked him how they were dealing with things and one of the things he said was this little story "Welcome to Holland".
I was struck by how much it reflected my feelings about F being diagnosed with diabetes. It just wasn't what I thought signed up for. Once difference is I have never been asked what it is like to parent I child with a disability. Diabetes isn't a disability but it can be all consuming on the same way.

Celebrating Holland - I'm Home This decribes a bit of how it feels as you get used to the diagnosis and meet others who have had to take the same detour.

Since F has started on the new treatment of Sulfonylureas it kind of feels like we have been allowed to leave Holland to visit Italy as planned.  But for these outings are for really short periods of time and Holland is still the place we keep going back to.

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