Monday, February 28, 2011

Sickness in the house.

Darling D has been off sick from school since last Wednesday. I don't think that C has had that many sick days in  over 2 years at school. D seems to be getting a bit better (has a bit more energy) but I can't send her back to school until the gastro symptoms have cleared for a while. Not luck so far.

I feel like a outcast because I don't want to spread "the love" (germs). I haven't gone anywhere except pick up and drop off except one immovable appointment. I had to call in a Grandparent to mind D, so that F & I could go to the Diabetes clinic. More details of that in the next post.

I have also had a milder bout as has DH. So tired.

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Jules said...

weve been sick too! must be a bad season for it. even today i had the cough medicine out for E he didnt want to go to school. i even skipped the gym last nite i was just wiped out :(

hope you all get well soon xx